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T R A V E L - C E N T E R

Here you can look for flights, hotels, rooms & apartments, holiday homes, last-mnute- and special offers with one click at our selected travel partners, well known flight companies and travel agencies, also there you can book directly.

Also here you can make a reservation for your rented car, that you can get at the airport when you arrive. If you like to travel with your own vehicles, here you can also find the best connections for the ferry boats.

Especially for your individual vacations we offer you a selection of  exclusive holiday homes and if you like to have an extraordinary experience for your holidays then you can charter exclusively here at CRETA deluxe  a luxury motor sailing yacht. You are welcome to receive more informationen on request, if you like to call us or to send us an email.

Here you also have the possibility to find the appropriate roaming agreement, you need to make phone calls abroad or to inquire about mobile phones, and youl also can order online directly in the shops of our partners, just as you also there find books, travel guides, maps, literature, magazines and DVDs at our partner book stores as well as anything what you need for your next trip.


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e-shops  -  Everything what you need for your trip ...

Book stores -  Books, travel guides, maps, magazines, literature and many more ...



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