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Websites of our partners

Here you can find in alphabetical order, registered links of selected websites of our cooperative partners and recommendedations on Crete. With one click to the name or the adress you'll get redirected to the external website of the company or if no website is available to our web presentation.

Would you like to be registered for your website here on  CRETA deluxe, because you have a company based on Crete, that you like to present to your future customers worldwide? Please feel free to contact us, we offer our pages to more than 2 million tourists and visitors worldwide per year. Detailed information here.

Links to our selected partners on Crete:

ADESPOTO Music-Taverna:  Sifaka / Melhisedek St., GR-73100 Chania

AEGEAN SCHATZ  Luxury motor sailing yacht: German & English info:+30 693 8639648

AKATOS Hotel:    Agia Marina, GR-73100 Chania

ALTHEA Village Hotel Bungalows:  Kato Daratso, GR-73100 Chania, Tel. +30 28210 31320, Fax 31485

AMALTHIA Beach Resort Hotel:  Agia Marina, GR-73100 Chania

AMPHORA  Hotel:  2. Parodos Theotokopoulou 20, GR-73100 Chania

AMPHORA  Taverna Restaurant:  Akti Kountourioti , GR-73100 Chania

ANATOLIA - Jewellery Sky & Babou Fabre:    Chalidon St. 5, GR-73100 Chania

ANEK Lines  Ferries:   Platia Sof. Venizelos, GR-73100 Chania

ALIANTHOS  Rental Service:  Kato Stalos, GR-73100 Chania

ALIANTHOS  Rental Service:  Ikarou Avenue 97, GR-71000 Iraklio

ATHINIE Hotel:   Zampeliou St. 24 & Kountouriotou 17,  GR-73100 Chania

AUTOHiRE  Rent a Car:    Agia Marinas, GR-73100 Chania


BEBA  Café Bar:    Akti Miaouli & G.Maridaki 11, Koum Kapi, GR-73100 Chania

BELMONDO Hotel:   Zampeliou St. 10, GR-73100 Chania


CAPRICCIOZA  Pizzaria Restaurant:    Platia Dikastirion, GR-73100 Chania

CASA LEONE  Hotel:   Parodos Theotokopoulou 18, GR-73100 Chania, Tel. +30 28210 76762

COSTA COSTA  Beach Bar Café Taverna:    Agia Marinas, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 60067


DESTIJL  Restaurant Bar:    Agia Marinas, GR-73100 Chania

DIGALAKIS  Construction & Real Estates:    An. Gogoni 130, GR-73100 Chania, Tel. & Fax: +30 28210 90790

DIONYSOS Cellar - Cretan Products:  Skridlof 50 (Leatherstreet), GR-73100 Chania

DIONYSOS Cellar - Cretan Products:  Theotokopoulou St. 63, GR-73100 Chania


ELA  Taverna Café:    Kondilaki St. 47, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 74128

ELLOTIA  Taverna Restaurant:    Parodos Portou 1, GR-73100 Chania

ENGEL & VÖLKERS Real Estates:    Karaoli Dimitriou 26, GR-73100 Chania

EURO motor Cars & Bikes Rental:  Kato Stalos, GR-73100 Chania

EURO motor Cars & Bikes Rental:  Agia Marinas, GR-73100 Chania


GALINI De Luxe Hotel:    Agia Marina, GR-73100 Chania

GALINI Eden Apartments:    Agia Marina, GR-73100 Chania

GALINI Beach Hotel:    Agia Marina, GR-73100 Chania

GALLINI  Cocktail Bar - Café:    Akti Kountourioti 43, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 91643

GERMANIKO Restaurant SnackBar:    Anagnostou Gogoni 87, GR-73100 Chania

GLOSS  Fashion Accessories:    Ypsilanton 6 / Peridou, GR-73100 Chania


HELENA Hotel:  Parodos Theotokopoulou  1a, GR-73100 Chania


IRTAKINA Jewellery:   Skridlof 71-73 (Leatherstreet), GR-73100 Chania


KASTALIA Village - Saint Nikolas Hotel:   Kamisiana, GR-73100 Chania

KASTELLOS Village Apartments Kastellos, Georgioupolis, GR-73007 Chania, Tel. +30 28210 94743

KOSMO Jewellery:    Skridlof 36 (Leatherstreet) & Betolo, GR-73100 Chania


LA-SI-DO  Music Studio - CDs & Accessories:   Koraka St. 4, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 95167

LATO Boutique Hotel:   Epimenidou St. 15, GR-71202 Heraklion


MAMBO  Beach Bar Café:   Kato Stalos, GR-73100 Chania

MARIKA  Apartments:   Exopolis / Apokoronas, GR-73100 Chania

MICHALIS  Taverna Restaurant:    Akti Tombazi, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 58330

MIDEN AGAN  Delicatessen:   Daskalogianni Str. 70, GR-73100 Chania, Tel. +30 28210 27068

MONASTIRI  Taverna Restaurant:    Akti Tombazi 12, GR-73100 Chania

MUSES  Café Restaurant:    Sandrivani Platz, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 51510


NOSTOS  Hotel:    Zampeliou St. 42-46, GR-73100 Chania, Tel. +30 28210 94743


PALAZZO Hotel:   Theotokopoulou 54, GR-73100 Chania

PARADISIO Hotel:   Stavros / Akrotiri, GR-73100 Chania, Tel. +30 28210 39737  &  64289 , Fax: 49046

PIAZZA Café Snack Bar:   Agia Marinas, GR-73100 Chania

POINT Lounge Bar:    Santrivani Square, Old Venetian Harbour, GR-73100 Chania

PORTO ALEGRE Hotel:   Kalamaki, Nea Kydonias, GR-73100 Chania

PORTO DEL COLOMBO Hotel:   Theofanous & Moshon St., GR-73110 Chania

PORTO PLATANIAS Beach Resort:    Platanias, GR-73014 Chania


ROUMELI  Restaurant Snackbar:    Platia Dikastirion, GR-73100 Chania

ROXANI  Crepes:    Chalidon St. 105, GR-73100 Chania

ROXANI  Crepes:    Chalidon St. 110, GR-73100 Chania


SANTA HELENA Village:    Platanias, GR-73100 Chania

SEA SIDE  Apartments:    Kato Stalos, GR-73100 Chania

SEMIRAMIS  Taverna Restaurant:    Skoufon St. 8, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 98650


TATU  Jeans & Casual Fashion:    Platia Markopoulou / Agora, GR-73100 Chania

THOLOS  Restaurant:    Agion Deka St. 36, GR-73100 Chania

t.n.a. Design - Advertising Agency:    An. Gogoni 130, GR-73100 Chania

TO MELI  Cretan Products:    Kondilaki St. 45, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 75122 und 75356


VENETO  Ristorante Italiano:    Zampeliou St. 8-10, GR-73100 Chania, Tel.: +30 28210 93527

VINERIA 36   Delicatessen Restaurant:   Kalinikou Sarpaki Str., GR-73100 Chania, Tel. +30 28210 57590


WWW - TripleW - Internet Café:    Balantinou St. 4, GR-73100 Chania


Hier you can find, also listed in alphabetical order, the registered links to websites of our international cooperative partners. With one click to the name or the adress you'll get redirected to the external website of the company. There you can search and book for flights and complete vacations, also hotels, holiday homes and cars and in the online shops you can buy travel guides, maps, magazines, novels or any other kind of books and DVDs and whatelse you need for your vacation. Also you can find the right mobile phone with service for international roaming at the online shops of our partner mobile providers.

Links to our international cooperative partners in Europe:

AIDU  -  Ab in den Urlaub:  Unister GmbH,  Barfussgässchen 11,  D-04109 Leipzig

Amazon EU S.a.r.l. - Online-Versand für Bücher, DVDs, Musik, Software:  Rue Plaetis 5 - L-2338 Luxemburg

ANEK Lines  Ferries:   Platia Sof. Venizelos, GR-73100 Chania

Austrian Airlines AG:  Office Park 2, Postfach 100,  A-1300 Wien-Airport


Biquini Brasil  -  Ihr Online-Shop für Original brasilianische Bikinis:   Am Zipser Berg 15, D-91257 Pegnitz

Bucher Reisen GmbH:   Düsseldorfer Str. 83, D-40667 Meerbusch


CheapTickets BV:  Arendshof 85,  NL-4901 LK Oosterhout

Condor Flugdienst GmbH:  Am Grünen Weg 1-3,  D-65451 Kelsterbach


e-domizil Gmbh & Co.KG:  Wildunger Strasse 6,  D-60487 Frankfurt am Main

e-flight:  TBOOKER AG,  Gutleutstr. 96,  D-60329 Frankfurt

Expedia.com GmbH:  Landshuter Allee 10,  D-80637 München


Flug.de:  KG Travel Overland Flugreisen GmbH & Co.,  Saarstr. 7,  D-80797 München

Flugbuchung.com:  Kundenservice,  G.-Schumann-Str. 176,  D-04159 Leipzig


Greek Tours:  Ostwall 113,  D-47798 Krefeld


Hapag Lloyd Express GmbH:  Benkendorffstrasse 22b,  D-30855 Langenhagen

holiday autos Mietwagen GmbH:   Barthstr. 26,  D-80339 München


ITS:  REWE Touristik Gesellschaft mbH,  Humboldtstraße 140, D-51149 Köln


Jahn-Reisen:  REWE Touristik Gesellschaft mbH,  Humboldtstraße 140, D-51149 Köln


lastminuteflughafen.de:  ReiseZentrum,   Wilhelm-Franke-Str. 30, D-01219 Dresden


Neckermann Reisen:  Thomas-Cook-Platz 1,  D-61440 Oberursel


Opodo  Deutschland:  Beim Strohhause 31,  D-20097 Hamburg

OTTO Reisen GmbH:   Osterbekstr. 90a,  D-22083 Hamburg


Sonnenklar TV:    Euvia Travel GmbH, Königsallee 49, D-71638 Ludwigsburg


Thomas Cook:  Thomas-Cook-Platz 1,  D-61440 Oberursel

Tjaereborg:  REWE Touristik Gesellschaft mbH,  Humboldtstraße 140, D-51149 Köln

Travelchannel:  KG Travel Overland Flugreisen GmbH & Co.,  Osterbekstr. 90b,  D-22083 Hamburg

TravelScout24:  Rosenheimer Str. 143 b,  D-81671 München

TUI fly:   Benkendorffstrasse 22b,  D-30855 Langenhagen


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Current weather on Crete:

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