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Cretan nutrition products

Dionysos, the god of theatre and wine was believed until recently to have first appeared in Greece in 8th century B.C.

It was proved by an inscription found in Chania / Crete in 1990, that this god had already been worshipped here in 1200 B.C.

This text agrees with the mythology.

Dionysos was the son of Zeus. According to this inscription, Dionysos and Zeus were worshipped in the same place, the sanctuary of Zeus.

The same quantity of honey (meli), two amphoras, was offered to each one of them separately!

Wide variety of carefully selected Cretan products:

thyme honey, organic olive oil, olives, olive paste,

herbs  & spices, saffron, raki and raki with honey or fruits, barreled traditional wine.

Cooking books. Hand-made ceramics from Crete and

olive wood products. Cosmetics with organic olive oil or avocado oil, soaps with olive oil.

Ideas for special gifts in boxes.

" To Meli "    -    Kondilaki 45,  Old Port,  GR-73100 Chania / Crete   -    phone:  +30 28210 75122   -    e-mail: melihania@gmail.com


You find our shop next to Taverna Café "ELA" (Kondilaki 47) and we would be glad to welcome you also there.  More info about "ELA" you'll find here.

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