Fine handmade Byzantine Icons   -   Large collection of handmade Chess & Backgammon

Selected wines of the monastery "Agia Triada", honey and exclusively bottled olive oil

Kondilaki  St.  12

GR-73100 Chania (Old Town)

Phone: +30 28210 83051

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Olive wood

Olive wood


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MOUNT ATHOS is an unique shop with handmade pictures on wood and silver, which will surely inspire you. The elaborate handmade paintings on aged wood pieces are unique!

The collection of available handmade Chess and Backgammon in wood or marble is something that will impress you. It is also worth to see unique objects of Cretan olive wood. All this at very friendly prices and excellent service (speaking English and Russian).

Our shop is open every day, also winter.

All major credit cards are accepted and orders via Internet.

Discover the unique ancient Greek chess:


When Chess was spread in Byzantium over 1000 years ago it was named after the ancient Greek word 'Zatrikion' (meaning the ultimate victory) and it

was played on a circular board. Zatrikion circular chess was very popular at that time and for many centuries afterwards including mediaeval times. Zatrikion was historically the first attempt of transforming the square board into a circular one and is known today world wide as "Greek Zatrikion" or "Byzantine Chess". Its historical rules have been preserved but there is also a well known modern version.

You will be surprised by our selected monastery wines of "Agia Triada" at Akrotiri / Chania,

and extra virgin olive oil of the best quality exclusively bottled for our store and honey of the monastery beekeeping

MOUNT ATHOS  -  Kondilaki  St. 12  -  GR-73100 Chania  -  Phone: +30 28210 83051-3


We also offer exclusive MONOXILITIS products from the Mount Athos monastery "Saint Paul"
like organic red wines, honey & jams with honey, herbs & aromatic plants, extra virgin olive oil, soaps & personal care oils.


Only 200 m away, next to the Metropolis Church at Chalidon St., you are also welcome to visit our Metropolis Byzantioum Gallery 

where you can find a large collection of handmade Byzantine icons on wood or silver and various kinds of Byzantine jewelleries.

METROPOLIS  -  Plateia Athinagora 1 (next to Metropolis Church, Chalidon St.)  -  GR-73100 Chania (Old Town)