the sea life through

the newest crystal clear glass bottom

The Original Glass Bottom Boat

 1 hour  &  2,5 hours trips!

- Fish show with diver under the glass

- guided tour            - free snorkeling

- one free drink  (at 2,5 h trip)


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2,5 h tour: We sail to the islands Theodorou, Glaronisi and Lazaretta for a 2,5 hour cruise. Theodorou is the famous "Kri-kri" island where you can view and admire the wild Cretan goats and a big entrance of a cave as well as the ruins of an old Venetian fortress at the top of the island, destroyed by the turkish attack in the 17th century.

We sail around the island and stop at a small bay where you can swim and snorkel in the crystal clear water and sunbath under the Cretan sun.

After this we will head to Lazaretta island and upon our arrival there you can swim and snorkeling once again in the beautiful water where you'll see a vast array of sea life and a fish show by our diver.

During our trip you'll see through the glass bottom the sunken airplane wreck of a German Junker 52, shot down 1941 during World War II.

Fanourios glass bottom boat is the only boat which travels between Theodorou and Glaronisi during each trip, the passage is only about 3 m.

W.C. and shower on board.

1 h tour: We sail to Lazaretta volcanic island that used to be an ancient leper colony. There you can swim or relax at small sandy beaches and enjoy the magnificent marine life.

When we return to the port you can take some stunning photos of the light house, the Venetian fortifications and the old mosque

Chania  -  Old Harbour  -  Tel. +30 6945 874283  -     Booking here 

Fanourios is the first glass bottom boat in Chania, with the latest glass panel technology. The boat accommodates 25 passengers and two crew on each trip. There is plenty of space in the front and in the back of the boat.

We don't have to fill up the boat to capacity in order to start our trip. The minimum number of passengers is 6 for the one hour trip and 10 for the 2,5 h trip. The boat provides full safety measures.

Book early and save up to 20%

Special prices for groups and families

We also provide the boat for private tours for two people and up, for weddings and for small daily parties which have been arranged beforehand.

The Location of our boat at the Old Harbour: Akti Tombazi 4  (near AROMA cafe)